Setting up your club team

Admin only

Configuring your team is only possible if you have an admin account. If you are the first coach on the account, you are automatically an admin. Other coaches can be either an assistant or an admin.

Set up your first online registration

For club teams, it's usually not worth it to import your existing parents / wrestlers. Instead, we recommend that you focus on getting your first online registration form running—whether that's your next season or a recurring membership—which will auto-populate your WrestlingIQ account as parents sign up their wrestlers. 

If you have all of your existing registration forms, questionnaires, tax info, and bank account info ready, you should be able to be running with about an hour of your time. Once you are ready, here are the steps to get up and running.

  1. Set up registration questions for wrestlers
  2. Set up registration questions for parents
  3. Configure documents for e-signing
  4. Set up USA Wrestling info collection (optional)
  5. Activate WrestlingIQ Payment Processing
  6. Create a registration or membership

Testing your online registration

If you'd like to test your registration configuration, I'd recommend setting up a secret 100% off scholarship code so you don't have to spend real money to ensure everything is working properly. Go to the session registrations page, then open the url of session you'd like to test in an incognito browser (or in your current browser if you want to see what registration looks like for returning parents/coaches).

Next steps

Once you have completed the five steps above, you might be interested in some of WrestlingIQ's other features. In most circumstances, you'll naturally lean into these as your season gets underway. Here are a few key features you might find useful.

Club Website (optional, paid upgrade)

If you'd like a website through WrestlingIQ, please send an email to We currently charge a $500 one time fee for the design and coding of the site, followed by $49/month for hosting, domain registration, and future updates. Websites are full service, meaning there is no DIY editor—all changes get sent to us to update via email and we'll turn it around in 2 business days.

Large changes to the website (e.g. a complete redesign or a new page) may incur additional one time charges.

Example sites include The Dam RTC, Yale St Wrestling Club, West Point® Wrestling Club, and The Wrestling Factory at George School.

Need help?

Please contact if you have any questions or need assistance with setup. Or if you want to screen share and walk through configuring your account, you can schedule a time here.

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