Collecting USA Wrestling Information

WrestlingIQ can be configured to require members to input their USAW ID, expiration date, membership type, and even a screenshot of their USA Wrestling membership. Here's how it works.

Configure your USA Wrestling settings

With your admin account, go to the USA Wrestling configuration page (you can also find it by going to settings -> team in the sidebar). Pick the level of information you want to require from anyone who registers for your team.

An overview of the available settings for USA Wrestling collection

Those of you chartered by USA Wrestling, who require a USA Wrestling card to participate, should require at least an id and expiration. 

If your team bulk buys USA Wrestling cards for your members, use the invisible option. With the invisible option, you can use the 'USA Wrestling System Export' report, upload that CSV to the USA Wrestling website to purchase it, export your roster from USA Wrestling, and then import them into WrestlingIQ using the 'USA Wrestling Membership Import' on the reports page. More details on that process here.

During sign up, USA Wrestling info will be collected

USA Numbers are not verified

Note that WrestlingIQ does not have the ability to verify that card numbers are valid, just that the parent enters something during registration. We are actively pursuing a partnership with USA Wrestling to verify card numbers programmatically. If you know someone at USA Wrestling who might be able to help with partnership talks, please let us know!

Here is what the USA Wrestling screen looks like during sign up, depending on what you have configured. If you have USA Wrestling disabled, registrants will never see these screens.

Once they have an active card, it will look like this:

USA Wrestling info is available on each wrestlers profile, WrestlingIQ ID cards and through reports

An example WrestlingIQ id card, with USA Wrestling info included.

USA Wrestling information visible on wrestler profile.

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