Set up registration questions for parents joining your club team

Before you dive in

Most information will be collected at the wrestler level (i.e. a family with two wrestlers, might need two distinct emergency contacts, depending on the family situation); however, you can also collect extra information about each parent. A common question is "How did you hear about our club?", as well as collecting a phone number. Once you've figured out what questions should be asked about parents, rather than wrestlers, have it handy so you can easily input it into WrestlingIQ.

1. Navigate to the question builder for parent properties

Go to the team settings page by clicking here or using the link in the sidebar under 'Settings' -> 'Team'. Under the 'Team Registration Settings' section, click on 'edit parent properties'. Note that only admins have access to this section. If you don't see it, contact your team admin.

2. Add any additional information you need about parents

WrestlingIQ already collects basic info about parents

First name, last name, and email are all already collected when a parent registers their kid for your club. You do not need to ask for this information again.

Here is an example configuration, where we have grouped several questions under an 'Basic Info' header. Use the headers to group questions together.

Once you click save, you are all set. Here are a few screenshots of what parents will see when they register a child for your club. The first screen is the basic info and login set up, followed by the additional information we set up here. After that they'll carry on with the registration process, adding their kids, filling out any additional info you collect for wrestlers, and paying for your session.

Brand new parents always fill out their name, email, and set up a login the first time they register for your club (this is not configurable).

The example questions we configured above, as seen by parents.
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