Set up registration questions for wrestlers joining your club team

Before you dive in

Make sure you know what information you want to collect for each wrestler (e.g. emergency contact) on hand, so you can easily input it into WrestlingIQ.

1. Navigate to the question builder for wrestler properties

Go to the team settings page by clicking here or using the link in the sidebar under 'Settings' -> 'Team'. Under the 'Team Registration Settings' section, click on 'edit wrestler properties'. Note that only admins have access to this section. If you don't see it, contact your team admin.

2. Add any additional information you need about wrestlers when they register

WrestlingIQ already collects basic info

First name, last name, weight, date of birth, academic class, and a photo are all already collected when a wrestler joins your team. You do not need to ask for this information again.

Here is an example configuration, where we have grouped several questions under an 'Emergency Contact' header. Use the headers to group questions together.

Once you click save, you are all set. Here are a few screenshots of what parents will see when they register their kids for your club. The first screen is the basic info WrestlingIQ collects for all wrestlers and the second screenshot is the additional information we configured here.

What parents see when first adding their wrestler to WrestlingIQ (this is not configurable).
The example questions configured above, as seen by parents registering their wrestler.
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