Getting started with the WrestlingIQ Kiosk

The WrestlingIQ Kiosk lets you use any computer or tablet to check-in wrestlers to your facility or to a specific practice, no additional hardware needed.

Attendance tracking has always been possible to record as a coach; however, your coach account can do a lot of things you may not want to leave lying around such as sending messages, modifying the team calendar, etc. The WrestlingIQ Kiosk is designed to be safely left with a manager or volunteer to check wrestler in for practice, or even for wrestler to check themselves in at the door. 

Setting up one or more Kiosks

When logged into your coach account, go to the Kiosk management page (use that link or go to Settings -> Team -> View / Edit Kiosks in the sidebar). Create a WrestlingIQ Kiosk by clicking the + Kiosk button in the top right corner. When naming a Kiosk, we recommend you give it a distinctive one. WrestlingIQ keeps track of which device checked the wrestler in, so it's important you name them well. 

Go to

Once you have your Kiosk token, go to on your tablet (or computer) you'll be using. Enter the code you received from the previous step and the WrestlingIQ kiosk will launch. At this point, you are ready to use the WrestlingIQ Kiosk. Your WrestlingIQ Kiosk will remain logged in until you sign out; however, you may need to refresh the page once in the day to ensure it properly pulls in the events wrestlers can check-in for.

Optional: Collect additional info at check-in time

If you need to collect more information when a wrestler checks in, such as temperature or self-reported symptoms, make sure you configure your team's custom check-in questions.


Use the 'Attendance Extended (with questions)' report to view and download all check in data recorded.

Bonus: Use the Kiosk with a Bluetooth Scanner

If you want a faster way to check kids in to practice, consider setting up the Kiosk with a bluetooth scanner.

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