Recording additional info with attendance / check-ins

You may want to configure custom questions that a staff member enters in when a wrestler checks in, or when taking attendance. In this example, we will walk through how to record temperature check data when a wrestler enters practice. 

Configure your questions

Go to your team settings page and then click the 'Edit check-in / attendance questions' link.

At that point you will be taken to the question builder, where you can configure whatever information you want collected. In this example I've configured a medical screening section for a coach or admin to enter in the temperature (if you have a thermometer at the door) and record whether the wrestler has experienced flu like symptoms. This is an example only, please configure all information you need collected for your team.

Entering data

You can also check wrestlers in through the WrestlingIQ Kiosk. Read here for more info on how and why you might want to use the WrestlingIQ Kiosk instead of using your coach account as described below.

Now that you've setup questions, setup your calendar with practice events, then click on the event you will be recording attendance on. On the attendance tab, after you mark someone as present, you will be presented with your custom questions.

If you incorrectly entered the data, or simply want to see it again from this screen, the drop down on the right will allow you to open and edit the responses.

In this example, if someone failed a temperature check you should click 'Save' and then go to the drop down and click 'Change' to mark them as absent. In that case you might consider adding a note as well explaining why they were sent home. 


There is a new report called 'Attendance Extended (with questions)' that will export this data. That report will show you one row per check-in and can be used to export the data to .csv for record keeping, external reporting, or easily sorting by check-in time (which may be useful if you are running two simultaneous events, but want to know who was all in the building, for example).

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