Taking attendance

The Basics

First, create an event with type 'practice' on the calendar. Next tap or click on the practice itself. You will end up on a screen that looks similar to this:

After taking attendance the screen will often look like this, with most people checked in and a few in other states. You can add notes by clicking the small arrow to the right of the icons (far right hand side) and tapping 'add note...'

Filtering by roster

If you are a high school team, or maintain rosters as a club team, you also have the option of filtering on the attendance page itself by using the dropdown at the top of the screen. Any rosters you have linked to the event will automatically apply the roster as a filter to the attendance tab:


Head over to the reports section of WrestlingIQ. It will be visible on the left hand side of the screen if you are a coach or admin. Run the 'Practice attendance' report for the specific date range you are looking for.

By default the report will show you all attendance information across all practices within that date range.

You can also filter it down by paid session if you are a club wanting to look at a specific group. 

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