Using a barcode scanner with the WrestlingIQ Kiosk

The WrestlingIQ Kiosk can be used with a barcode scanner, WrestlingIQ ID cards, or USA Wrestling card barcodes.

Recommended scanner

We recommend this Inateck barcode scanner and use that scanner for all testing related to this feature, making it the most compatible scanner. It has bluetooth pairing (so you can hook it up to a tablet at the front desk) and also reads 2D barcodes (QR codes). 

Most barcode scanners should work as long as they have the following features:

  • Ability to set a prefix to each scanned code
  • Can read 2D barcodes (QR Codes). Scanners without 2D capabilities will still scan USA Wrestling card barcodes, but will not pick up WrestlingIQ ID Cards.
  • Ideally, it can read from screens so people can save the cards to their phones. Many old scanners do not read phone screens.

General scanner setup

In order for scans to be picked up by the Kiosk, you must configure your scanner to use the ! character as a prefix.

After you have setup the prefix, ensure your scanner is paired with your device or plugged into your computer. We recommend that you put your scanner in continuous scanning mode, or if you have the Inateck scanner linked above, the 'auto-sensing' scan mode (pg 9 in the setup booklet) is probably what you want. You might also want to configure a longer power off period such as 30 minutes or never (bottom of page 9 in the Inateck booklet).

Inateck scanner quick start

If you purchased the scanner above, we have copy and pasted the barcodes you need to scan to get this running. Use the scanner to scan the codes off this screen (you might need to use a piece of paper to block off other barcodes on this page as you go, as the scanner can be agressive with auto-scanning.

Add the ! prefix

Scan this

Then this

Change auto power down time (optional)

By default, the scanner turns off after 10 minutes of inactivity. Since the recommended scanner comes with a base, that can always be plugged in, sometime it's better to change this to never turn off or turn off after 30 minutes. Scan one of these, if you want to change it.

30 minute power off

Never power off

Turn on auto-sensing mode

The recommended scanner has an 'auto-sense' mode, which will attempt to automatically detect when a QR code is put in front of it. We recommend this so that wrestlers/parents don't have to touch the scanner to check themselves in. Scan this code to turn this mode on.

Pair the scanner via Bluetooth

Here is a photo of the Bluetooth pairing instruction manual. To pair with your tablet, you will need to scan the 'Bluetooth Mode' barcode, then the 'Match' scanner, and then open your device bluetooth settings and pair it with 'BCST-52'

Using the scanner

Open the kiosk website and ensure no elements are in focus (meaning, the cursor should not be in the 'name' search box). Then scan either a WrestlingIQ ID card or a USAW bar code. Here's a quick video of the scanner reading both a WIQ ID and a USAW bar code and auto checking the wrestler in.

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