Recommendations for working at the front desk

Are you a volunteer or employee in charge of checking in wrestlers at the front desk and helping them (and their parents) sign up? This guide is for you.

The setup

In order to effectively run the front desk, it's often best to have two separate devices. 

One device (tablet or laptop) for wrestlers to check themselves in and another device (laptop) that you are logged into with your admin account, in case billing/registration questions come up during check in. This second device is only for you and should not be accessible to wrestlers or parents.

If you only have one device, that's okay. Most clubs with only one device will have the Kiosk running for self check-in and someone on hand to answer any questions.

Handy information to keep at the front desk

  • A link to your WrestlingIQ registration page, which can be found on the team settings page, so you can direct parents to it if they have not registered. This url will look something like<your-team-slug>/register 
  • Some teams will also create a print out of the QR code of that URL so parents can easily scan it with their smartphones. The registration process is optimized for mobile phones and it's recommended that parents sign up on their own devices, rather than one of your computers.

Before every practice

If this is the first practice of the day, refresh the Kiosk on your tablet. Once loaded, you will see your practices for the day. It's a good idea to select the specific practice you are checking people in for before each practice, so that attendance records and drop in passes are clean. If you don't see any events, make sure they exist on the WrestlingIQ calendar. By default, the Kiosk will let you select any events happening in the next 24 hours. 

The team admin should have a roster set up that represents all good standing members. Once you have selected your practice, make sure you filter to that specific roster by tapping the gear icon, then selecting the roster from the drop down list.

Using the WrestlingIQ Kiosk

If you have a lot of kids checking in very quickly, please look into purchasing a bluetooth barcode scanner to hook up to the Kiosk so that wrestlers can scan themselves in with a screenshot on their phones (or with a bag tag printed with the WrestlingIQ id card). 

If you are not using the scanner the Kiosk is still very easy for wrestlers to check themselves in. All they need to do is type their name in and tap check-in. 

Since you are using a roster filter (see the above step if not) any wrestler not found when searching has something wrong with their registration/membership. Either they need to set up membership, buy more drop in passes, or register for your season, so you should pull them aside to get that sorted out. Once they have paid, they will automatically show up in that roster. 

Common questions and situations

Do I need an internet connection to use the Kiosk?

Yes, an active internet connection is needed to use the Kiosk. If your facility internet connection goes down, your best bet is to have wrestlers write down their names on paper and you can check them in once your internet has been restored.

How do I view the payments for a specific wrestler/parent?

You need an admin account in WrestlingIQ to view financial/payment information. If you have that, you can find payments either through the Payments sidebar or by searching for the parent name. On a parent page you'll see a payments tab, which will give you a detailed breakdown of their payment history.

How do I generate a QR code?

There are a lot of free QR code generates (and a lot of spammy ones too). qrcode-monkey is pretty good, just make sure you avoid all the up sells and download a PNG you can then paste into a flyer you print out. I am happy to assist with this as well if needed

What are WrestlingIQ ID cards? And how can we print them out? 

You can read more about them here. Some teams have gone as far as printing a badge printer to use with this other have made a bulk order of Custom Ink's Voyage Luggage Tag with their team logo on it and then print out (on normal paper) individual wrestler ID cards. If you go with the luggage tags, you can do bulk print jobs of WrestlingIQ ID cards from the wrestlers page:

Some clubs use these printed ID cards as a physical way of denoting who is an active member (if you are a subscription/membership based club) to make the check in process easy and provide their wrestlers with some swag.

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