Automatically sync a roster with registrations and memberships

If you run a club team that process registrations, or recurring memberships, it's often hard to keep track of who is in 'good standing' in terms of payment. Especially if you have multiple membership levels, age groups, and a couple one off wrestlers who have pre-paid or don't need to register for some reason (scholarship, etc). 

Creating a roster that automatically synchronizes with registration status

First head on over to the wrestlers page and then click the '+ Roster' button on the right hand side.Once you are in the roster creation screen you will see the ability to sync rosters with registrations.

How, exactly, does it synchronize with registrations and memberships?

After creation, the first thing a roster created with synchronization on it is to backfill any good standing memberships. Once it's created you should see the roster pre-fill with wrestlers if you have already started registrations for any of the paid sessions you are synchronizing with.

There are three ways for wrestlers to get added or removed to a roster with synchronization turned on:

  • If you are syncing a full season or one time session registration, wrestlers will automatically be added to this roster once they are in good standing, in terms of payment, for this registration. If you are using installments, or cash, wrestlers will be automatically removed from this roster if their payment status goes to overdue.
  • If you are syncing a drop in registration, wrestlers will automatically be added to the roster when they have > 0 passes and removed when they have 0 passes.
  • Similarly, if you are using auto-recurring memberships, wrestlers are automatically added to the roster once their subscription is in good standing. If the subscription goes overdue (say due to a credit card expired), or is canceled, the wrestler will be removed from this roster.
  • You can still manually add or remove wrestlers as you see fit. This can be helpful when you know a wrestler is going to participate, but for whatever reason they are unable to go through the normal registration flow. 

Why would I set up a roster synchronization like this?

Using roster syncers unlock a lot of leverage in terms of attendance tracking and check-in (and eventually with messaging, once I build that out a little more).
Let's say, for example, that you offer three different monthly recurring memberships. One for your advanced group, one for your youth group, and one elite package that also includes a strength training component. If you were to build a roster that synchronizes with those three memberships, this roster becomes your source of truth for quickly understanding if a wrestler has fully paid or not. Even better, the roster will automatically update itself based on the registrants subscription state. If the parent's credit card expires and fails a payment, they'll be removed, and the next time they come in you'll be able to quickly notice as they walk in the door.

Bonus: Roster filters with the WrestlingIQ Kiosk

The WrestlingIQ Kiosk now offers additional filters, including a roster filter. Once you've created your automatically syncing roster, select it via the gear icon in the WrestlingIQ Kiosk, to filter check in results down to only wrestlers on that roster:

If you are using WrestlingIQ athlete identifiers with a barcode scanner, you'll now see this if someone tries to check in that isn't on the roster:

If you don't have a barcode scanner yet, the results will simply not return that wrestler, indicating to you that something is wrong with their payment:

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