Setting up assistant, and roster restricted, coaches

Step 1: Decide on the level of access the coach needs

WrestlingIQ offers three different levels of access for coaches: admins, assistants, and roster restricted assistants. Full details of their access levels can be found here, but there are a couple general guidelines.
Admin: Use admin level access for anyone who needs to be able to see exact financial data. This includes how much people paid, details of any recurring memberships, and all financial reporting. It's also important to note that admins can modify other coaches access levels, so make sure you trust any coach who has an admin account.
Assistant: Assistant access levels is the recommended access level for coach accounts. Assistant accounts have access to all wrestlers (and their information saved in the system) and can manipulate almost everything in the system (calendar, roster, practice plans, etc). The only thing missing from their access is financial data and the ability to change your team documents, in order to protect financial details and ensure your team's liability forms can not be changed, except by admins.
If you are wondering how to ensure everyone who walks in the door has paid for your session, roster syncers with the WrestlingIQ kiosk is the recommended approach.
Roster restricted assistants: For most teams that only have one or two rosters and a tight knit group, assistant access levels are usually enough. If you run a team with a lot of wrestlers, multiple buildings/locations, or simply want more access control, roster restrictions is for you. Roster restricted restricted assistants have the same access levels as assistants, but they can only see wrestlers (and their associated parents/guardians) who belong to rosters they have access to. If a wrestler is not part of a roster they have permission on, the wrestler will not show up when searched with their account in any context (e.g. creating a new message group, searching, tagging matches, etc). If they are sent a direct link to a wrestler they do not have permission to see, they will be shown an error instead of being able to be able to access that wrestlers info.
Roster restricted coaches also have limited messaging group capabilities. They do not get auto added to messaging groups for paid sessions (registrations), unless they have permission to see the roster linked to that paid session. 

Step 2: At create time, set coach access level

As an admin, go to the coaches list and then click the Invite coach button. If you need to roster restrict coaches, you can do so like this at creation time, substituting the example with the rosters you are locking the coach account to:

Step 3: Change access level as needed

If you change your mind, you can always edit coach access levels (and for roster restricted coaches, you will need to edit their roster permission, in order to give them access to future rosters). Doing so will apply the permissions as soon as you click save.

To edit, go to the coaches list, click a coach, and then tap edit, as shown below.

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