Setting up your high school team

Once you've accepted your invite as a coach, it's time to invest a little time setting up WrestlingIQ so you get the most benefit from it possible. Below are the suggested steps for setting up your team for the first time in WrestlingIQ. If you get everything done below, you will be in good shape for a smooth season.


Head over to the documents tab. Create any documents, such as team rules, concussion forms, etc that your wrestlers need to sign. For high school, please put all documents into the 'Documents Requiring A Signature' section if you want wrestlers to sign it. Liability forms are more often used for club teams since forms marked as liability forms require the parent to sign on behalf of wrestlers (common for little kids teams) rather than wrestlers signing themselves.

When wrestlers/parents activate their invites, they'll be forced to sign those forms before they can access anything else.


WrestlingIQ's calendar can be accessed from the 'Calendar' link in the sidebar or directly here. Please set this up with as much info as you can, including practices, tournaments, team meetings, or other matches you attend.

WrestlingIQ supports creating repeated events and also allows you to select custom colors if you want more control of what the events look like (potentially useful if you have a novice and advanced group that have different schedules). Any updates you make to this calendar is viewable by everyone else on the team.

If you need to track additional information when your athletes check in to practice (for temperature checks, self-reported symptoms, etc) please see this article.

Roster Import & Invite

You can add wrestlers to your roster one by one or by importing a CSV file.

Once you have the wrestlers added, it's now time to invite your them to their own WrestlingIQ account so they can login to sign documents, view the calendar, message, and watch their videos. You can invite them tapping their name, then scrolling down to the invite button and adding their email. They will then receive an 'Activate your WrestlingIQ account', with a link to setup their login info.

Tap name to go to the wrestler details page

Parent Invites

Parents can be invited in two different ways. 

1. Wrestlers can invite their own parents

Once your wrestlers have activated their account, if they click 'Roster' -> 'Parents' in the sidebar they can invite their own parents for you.

2. You, or any coach, can invite parents yourself

Look for the invite parent button on the 'Roster' -> 'Parents' page, which looks something like this:

Next steps

With your team fully invited, calendar, and documents in place, you are all set to roll with WrestlingIQ for the season. If you have additional questions you can drop a question into the live chat or email Here are some additional topics you may be interested in reading about:

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