How do I use roster tags?

Roster tagging can be a useful feature if you want a way to quickly visualize how involved wrestlers are in your team. We have seen teams create rosters and tags for those rosters to handle situations like:

  • Skill level (rosters for Level 1, Level 2, etc etc)
  • Membership status (roster for 'Active members')
  • How many camps has a wrestler signed up for (tag named 'CAMP' applied to multiple camp registration rosters)
  • Calculating youth sports development levels. For example, maybe you mark wrestlers as a 'Gold' wrestler if they attend 2 camps and a season and 'Platinum' wrestlers if they also attend a career seminar. You could use roster tags, plus the roster report, to calculate who fits that criteria and then mark them as that development level with wrestler private properties.

To get started with tags, head to your roster page on, then create or edit one of your existing rosters:

On the roster page, create a tag and then tap it to associate it with the roster, then click save.

Back on your wrestlers page, you will see that tag applied:

If you are using the same tag across multiple rosters, you will see a little number denoting how many times they have been tagged, in this example Ryan Frost is part of two rosters tagged with 'CAMP':

You will also see the tags on your attendance list and in the WIQ Kiosk:

Exporting tags

If you want to do some analysis of your roster tags, head to the roster report, which will add columns for your tag counts:

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