Configure private wrestler properties

Note: Admins must configure private properties, but any coach can edit the properties on a wrestler profile once the questions exist.

There may be some information that you want to track for each wrestler, that should not be viewed or edited by parents/wrestlers. Private properties can be a good place to track things like gear loaned out, internal impact tracking for youth sports development, or lead status / next steps for private clubs. 

Best practices for private properties

Notes on wrestlers can be a great place to track free form text—such as private lesson notes—about a wrestler.

Private properties are best used for structured data. In other words, if you think you are going to want to export data to a spreadsheet later on, use private properties instead of notes. Other best practices include:

  • Use 'Dropdown' or 'Checkbox' question types as much as possible. This will keep the data clean when you want to analyze it later (i.e. open a report in Excel or Sheets to filter it).
  • Yes/No questions can be good for situations where you want a true/false answer + extra info (such as gear tracking).
  • Remember that although you can technically track anything here, it's a bad idea to store truly sensitive information such as social security numbers, bank/card info, etc. Privacy laws around data storage are going to continue to progress, that means each additional piece of information you track is potential liability for the team in the future. If you don't truly need it, don't track it.

How to configure private properties

As an admin, go to the team settings pageand then tap edit private properties:

Retrieving private property information

Run a Roster report and tap the 'Append Custom Columns' link to bring up the menu of columns you can add to your roster report. Select the private properties to include and run the report. That report will be visible on WIQ and can also be downloaded to a CSV.

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