Setting up installment plans

Installment plans are recommended if you run seasonal sessions (e.g. fall season, summer season, spring/freestyle season), because they allow you to charge your members smaller increments on a set schedule, rather than a larger one time payment.

Installment plans have a definitive end date. If you are instead looking to charge your members automatically until they cancel—or for a set contract length—like a gym would, you should be using memberships instead of installment plans. If it's helpful for growing your club you can also mix and match pricing models. Maybe you have a core group of 12 wrestlers who pay monthly via memberships and seasonal wrestlers who sign up for the more traditional seasons (tip: consider using roster syncers so you have a list of 'active' members at any given time, particularly if you use both memberships and registrations).

Create a paid session

First, navigate to Payments -> Registrations in the sidebar and then click the + Paid Session button in the top right.

Once you are on the create session page, make sure you select 'Installments' as the payment option and define the dates the charges to occur. If you want, you can also setup an upfront option for parents who want to pay in one lump sum. Here is an example configuration for installment plan pricing:

Once a customer has selected a registration with payment options, they'll see a screen similar to this (which also works great on mobile phones):

Once they enter their card number, WrestlingIQ vaults the card into your WIQ Payment Processing account so we can charge it later. On the date you defined earlier, your customers will automatically be charged and emailed a receipt.

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