Setting up memberships (subscription plans) for your team

WrestlingIQ offers multiple ways to setup memberships i.e. automatically recurring payments. The difference between a membership and a registration is that registrations are for one time payments (which can be broken up into installments) and memberships are for recurring payments. Memberships are essentially gym memberships - you set up the pricing options for access to your club and parents sign up to be billed on the interval you define (monthly, once every two weeks, yearly, etc).

For any type of membership, the first step is to go to Payments - Memberships in the sidebar and then click the button to create a new one in the top right corner. Once there, you'll be presented with a screen that looks like this:

Automatically charge until cancelled

Memberships prices can be marked as going on forever until cancellation happens. Here is what a subscription price that recurs forever looks like:

Expiring memberships

In some cases it's useful to automatically expire memberships after some time period. For example, you might offer a discounted trial month (or week) and want that subscription to cancel after some period of time. Here is an example of a membership option that will charge them for a trial period and then automatically expire (cancel) itself:

Other teams like to use expiring memberships to offer contract length discounts. E.g. you get a discount if you commit to 12 months of training. Here is what that might look like in WrestlingIQ:

What happens when the membership expires?

When the expiration date for your customers membership hits, their membership will be automatically canceled and they will receive an email like this (you as a coach will also receive an email like this):

Scholarship codes (sibling discounts) with memberships

Scholarship codes work just like coupon codes that you might use when online shopping - they apply a discount to the purchase. If you want to automatically apply a discount to a membership, you can link a code to a membership tier like so (just be sure to create the scholarship code before you load this page so it shows up in the list):

That discount will then automatically be applied if the customer signs up both of their kids at the same time:

Limitations of sibling discounts with recurring memberships

  • There can only be one scholarship code applied to any given membership.
  • Scholarship codes apply to the entire subscription, not just to the second child being added. Because of this, it is recommend that you use an amount off scholarship code, rather than percentages, so that you have fine-grained control over the final price of a membership.
  • Scholarship codes are only applied automatically if you add them (see above) and if the parent is signing up both kids at the same time.
  • In cases where you offer multiple, non expiring, subscriptions with the same billing interval (say you offer a 'full access' membership billed monthly and you also offer a strength training membership that is billed monthly), WrestlingIQ will use the existing monthly membership rather than creating a brand new monthly membership. This is to ensure that your customers only see one total bill from you each billing cycle, but it creates weird situations with scholarship codes. Remember that memberships can only have 1 scholarship code applied at any given time so if they sign up for the second plan and enter in a scholarship code, that will also be applied to the original subscription. This is another reason why we recommend using amount off scholarship codes, rather than percentage based ones. Percentage based coupons can take more off than you might expect in these complex cases. 
  • Sibling coupons apply a coupon for > 1 wrestler signing up at the same time; however, it does not apply twice if the person is signing up 3 (or more) kids. If you have a family of >2 wrestlers signing up, please send them a specific scholarship code for their situation, rather than relying on the automatically linked sibling discount. At sign up time, the parent can remove that automatically linked code and enter in the one you gave them.
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