Merging accounts

How does duplicate data get into WrestlingIQ in the first place?

The most common source of duplicate data is with camp, or other one time event registrations. WrestlingIQ optimizes the sign up experience to ensure as many people as possible finish your registration as possible. Part of that optimization for one time events is that guest registrants do not need to set up a password to complete sign up. Magic login links help with keeping returning guest data organized, but sometimes they typo their email or simply do not want to use magic links. Or maybe someone on your team uses a different device and ends up signing up as a guest, instead of with their existing account. 

Using the merge tool

If WrestlingIQ's automerge did not pick up the duplicate, you can manually create a merge as an admin. First, head over to Settings -> Merge Tool in the sidebar while logged in to bring up the merge log.

Then click the '+ Merge' button to bring up the form to create the merge.

Notes and best practices

  • Automerging will automatically attempt to run after someone does a guest checkout for a one time event (i.e. camp). It is fairly conservative and will only run if the email and name exactly match for parents.
  • Because of how exact I made the 'this is the same person logic' there are probably going to be some that need to be merged manually (e.g. typo'd an email address), which you can do by following the above instructions.
  • When you do a merge, I would recommend doing the parent merge first. After merging parents, WrestlingIQ will check if there are duplicate wrestlers that parent is a guardian of and automatically merge those too. That wrestler duplicate check is based on the exact match of name and date of birth, so if the parent messed that up you can manually trigger the merging of the wrestlers too.
  • This tool, and the merge log, is only available to admins. Assistant coaches are not allowed to see or use it.
  • If you accidentally merged accounts, please email for assistance. While not guaranteed, it is sometimes possible to undo the merge.
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