Magic links for returning one time event registrants

With WrestlingIQ, one time events (such as camps), have a different sign up flow for your registrants. Specifically, guest users do not setup a password, do not get access to your teams WrestlingIQ account after registration, and do not get added to your roster. All of that behavior is intentional - a lot of clubs run a couple summer events to help raise money for the club, but don't want all that registrant data mucking up their WrestlingIQ roster. 

Because these guest registrants do not have accounts, WrestlingIQ uses 'magic links' to provide returning guest users a way to prefill an upcoming registration with the same information they used last time. Here's how it works:

A guest user starts sign up for one of your one time events, by typing in their email address.

If they enter an email that has previously been used for a guest checkout with your team, WrestlingIQ asks them if they'd like a magic login link.

WrestlingIQ then sends them an email, which they can click through to login to gain access to their previously entered information.

Once they have logged into their account, their information is intelligently pre-filled so they can breeze through the registration for your camp or one time event.

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