How to accept payments for drop ins

Drop ins have a special registration type in WrestlingIQ that allow you to keep track of how many passes they have paid for and how many they have used (via the WrestlingIQ Kiosk). To continue with this set up, you'll need an admin account.

Create the drop in registration

First, create a new paid session via Payments -> Registrations -> + Session (or click here). Select 'Drop in' from list of registration types:

Drop in registrations do not have registration dates, since they can be purchased/redeemed at any time. Next fill out your payment / pass options. In this example I'm creating two pricing tiers, a single class price and a pack of five.

Fill out the rest of the options (automatic email, etc) as you normally do. Note: Drop in registrations act the same way as one time sessions—registrants do not receive access to your team's WrestlingIQ account. 

Once done, click save to create your drop in registration.

(Optional) Streamline registration

In some cases, you may want to streamline your registration questions, but only for drop in registrants. If you'd like to do that, click edit on the drop in session you just created, and then use the links at the top of the page to change (or delete) questions for parents/wrestlers. Drop in registrants will still be required to sign all liability forms, or forms requiring a signature, that you have configured in WrestlingIQ.

Promote it!

At this point, your drop in is active. It will show up on your team's WrestlingIQ registration page (found in settings -> team) or you can directly link to drop in registrations with the specific URL found on the paid session list.

Next steps

Accepting payments is the first step, but how do you manage drop in passes? These articles are for you:

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