Using the WrestlingIQ Kiosk with drop in passes

The WrestlingIQ Kiosk can be used to redeem drop in passes at check in time and to ensure that wrestlers without drop in passes cannot check in until they have purchased more. 

Set up a roster with a drop in roster syncer

The WrestlingIQ Kiosk uses filters to ensure that only wrestlers that meet certain criteria can check-in. Before we actually use the Kiosk, we need to set up a roster that automatically syncs drop in passes.
  1. Create a new roster
  2. Make sure you select your drop in registration in the sync section. You should also select your currently active season—or your memberships/subscriptions—so that this roster is the source of truth for 'this wrestler is allowed in to practice'. 
  3. Once you create the roster with the drop in syncer, it will automatically add drop in wrestlers with > 0 passes to the roster and remove them when their drop in pass count hits 0.

Use the roster in the Kiosk

Now that we have a roster synced to the drop in passes, and your active season/memberships, make sure it is selected inside the Kiosk. You can change the roster by clicking the gear icon and selecting your newly created roster. When you check in a drop in wrestler, you'll see text showing that a drop in pass was used:
Additional information on auditing, and adding/removing drop in passes, from a wrestler can be found here.
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