How to bulk buy USA Wrestling Cards

If your club bulk buys USA Wrestling cards instead of asking parents to buy their own membership, this page is for you.

Set your USAW collection to 'invisible'

Under your team's USA Wrestling configuration page, make sure you set USA Member info collection to 'invisible'. This will make sure that you can add/edit/see USAW information to wrestlers, but the parents are not prompted to enter USAW information before they sign up for your team.

Export, bulk buy, then import USAW information

WrestlingIQ lets you export a CSV in the exact format by running the 'USA Wrestling Report' on the reports page. Download that CSV, then upload that file into the USA Wrestling bulk buying page.  Once you have purchased cards, export your roster from the USA Wrestling Management system, then use the 'USA Wrestling Membership Import' (last button in the screenshot above) to upload that roster back into WrestlingIQ.

When you upload the roster export from USAW, the importer will let you review the information before completing the import and letting you know which wrestlers are going to receive new USA Wrestling cards in WrestlingIQ. Make sure you press the final import button after you've reviewed it to complete the import process.

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