How to accept cash payments

First, make sure that you think carefully about accepting cash. Accepting only credit/debit cards is recommended; however we also recognize that cash payments are necessary (and in some cases preferred). 

How to turn on cash payments

During setup of your paid session payment options, there will be a dropdown form called 'Allowed payment methods':

Toggle that to 'All (cash, check, credit/debit)', click 'Done', then click 'Save' to turn on cash payments.

What do parents see with cash option turned on?

By default WrestlingIQ will select 'Credit or debit', but if they tap 'Cash or check' they will see this and be allowed to continue.

If you have insurance turned on, and the customer opted to purchase a policy, they will not see the cash/check option as we need a card on file to bind the insurance policies.

How do I mark a cash payment as collected?

Go to 'Payments' -> 'Session Registrations' -> Then click the session in question. You'll see two tabs one called 'Good Standing' and one called 'Overdue'. In the Overdue tab you'll see anyone who indicated they want to pay with cash and has an invoice due:

Clicking 'Mark as paid...' will open a screen allowing you to mark as cash or check and indicate any notes you'd like included.

Clicking that will generate a receipt and email it to the parent automatically (this may take a few seconds to process).

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