How to invite a wrestler

As a coach

If you used the team importer—common for high school/college, but not recommended for club teams—invites are automatically sent out to wrestlers that had an email in the spreadsheet you uploaded. 

If you manually created the wrestler profile, a parent created the wrestler during registration, or you didn't previously have their email, you can manually invite them. To do that:

  • Find the wrestler on your roster and click their name.
  • On the left hand side of the wrestler profile, you'll see a 'User info section'
  • Tap '+ Invite', enter their email, and click 'Send Invite'. 

The invite will then be delivered to their email with the subject '[Your Team Name] has invited you to WrestlingIQ', with a button that will let them finish setting up their account. If for some reason they do not receive the email, you can copy and paste their invite url and send it to them yourself:

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