Intro to stats tracking

Stats tracking can be entered on all matches after you have uploaded them WrestlingIQ. Or if you are using the iOS app, stats can be entered at the same time as you are recording the video.

Smart Scoring

If you look closely at the above screenshot, you’ll notice that the scorepad is different for red and green. This is because the green wrestler is in the bottom position.

WrestlingIQ is smart enough to recognize the situation and only allow point scoring that is possible from that position, eliminating possible scorekeeping errors. 

The rules are up to date with the 2019-2020 NFHS rulebook.

Stats Reports & Exports

Stats are recorded on a per match basis and can then be pulled in aggregate via reports. This reporting UI works on desktop and mobile. 

Stats can also be exported to a raw .csv file for you to print, post, or manipulate.

Color Blind Helpers

If you are colorblind, or your managers are, WrestlingIQ represents scoring with colors and shapes. Red wrestlers are always scored within circles and green wrestlers within squares.

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