Recording video and stats with the iOS app

As a parent or wrestler, download the WrestlingIQ iOS app, and sign in. The iOS app allows recording on any iPhone or iPad running iOS 12 or later. 

Why record in WrestlingIQ?

WrestlingIQ gives you one centralized hub for everything wrestling. You no longer need to text videos to each other and coaches, WhatsApp, upload to drive, have low quality text video, and match videos that take up all of your phone storage space. You can record video while away at a match and parents, wrestlers, and coaches now have access to it for study at the event, in practices, as well as remotely for coaches to review and tag feedback.  If you'd like to allow parents/wrestlers to also upload videos, please contact and we will turn that functionality on for you.

To record a match

Once you have the iOS app installed, login to your account, and follow the steps below. If you forgot your password, you can reset it here.

Before the event - download your roster and events to your device 

In order for the WIQ app to record video + stats while offline (i.e. in a crowded gym) you need to download data from WrestlingIQ to your device. Head over to the videos tab in the app, press the refresh button, and then tap the 'Download roster events...' option.:

Create a match

After you have downloaded your roster, the next step is to create a match. Click the plus button, then select your wrestler, opponent, event, and ruleset. Tagging the data in this way lets you look up the match in various ways later on — by looking at the event on the calendar, looking up an opponent, or looking up your wrestler. Some teams will use the 'Unknown opponent' shortcut for situations where you are tight on time or don't know your opponent (you can edit the match after uploading it). 

Tip: If you know the entire first round matchups (say at a tournament), consider creating your matches before the round starts so that all you have to do is tap the match to begin recording when you get to the mat.

Record video and stats

Now that you have a match, tap the name to enter the recording interface. Make sure you allow the device to have access to your camera and microphone. Record + score the match as it happens.

Tip: Make sure you press the start recording button when the match starts, or else you want be recording the match!

Upload when you are back on stable WiFi

When you are back home on stable WiFi, open your device, tap the refresh button again, and then tap 'Upload'. It may take several minutes, depending on your WiFi speed, to upload all of your scored matches:

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