How to pause payments on a recurring membership?

Pausing recurring membership payments lets you keep the member active and resume collecting payments at a later date. Pausing payment collection should be used for things like an injury hold, temporary membership freeze, or a vacation. If you aren't sure the member will come back, you should cancel their membership instead—they can always sign back up again later.

Navigate to the subscription

Find the subscription by heading to the payments dashboard and then search by wrestler or parent (using the 'Bill to') filter:

Once on the subscription, tap 'Pause payments', then decide on whether to pause payment collection indefinitely or to automatically resume payment collection on a specific date. Note that resuming payment collection does not automatically bill the parent - their billing date is the same as it was previously, they simply won't be billed if their billing date comes up during the paused time.

To resume payment collection on an indefinite pause—or manually resume payment collection early—tap 'resume payments' and then confirm it. The member will then have payment collection turned back on and will be billed on their next regularly scheduled billing date.

Yes. WrestlingIQ will automatically send an email notifying them that their payment collection has paused and a similar email for when their payment collection has resumed.

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