Using rosters with the WrestlingIQ Kiosk

The WrestlingIQ Kiosk is often used to check in wrestlers; however, you often want to only check-in wrestlers who are 'cleared' for practice (e.g. they have paid for the season or have an active subscription if you use memberships). 

In general the strategy for handling this is to create a roster that automatically tracks payments, configure the Kiosk to only search within that roster, and then when a wrestler cannot find themselves in the kiosk to check-in, you can step in to see if they have paid.

1. Set up a roster

The Kiosk only allows filtering to a single roster, so you will likely need to create a roster that tracks payments for the sessions you care about. This roster should be set up to sync with your seasonal registrations and memberships as well as any drop in pass registrations you have set up. This example shows a club that uses memberships as well as a drop in registration:

2. Select the roster in the Kiosk

Once you have the roster filter applied, if a wrestler searches by their name they will not show up in the search results at all:

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