Can I disable members ability to cancel their own memberships?

If you would like to not allow members to cancel their own recurring payments, please contact with your reasons for doing so and we will assist you in turning off that ability. 

NOTE: Turning off self-cancellation is not recommended. With recent auto-subscription laws in many states, not having self cancellation on opens you up to an increased number of chargebacks, as members might go directly to their bank to stop payments to your team instead of reaching out to you.

If you have a high number of chargebacks we may suspend or terminate your processing account. If you decide to use this option, be sure that you are willing to take this risk and have documentation for why the chargebacks should fall in your favor.

WrestlingIQ reserves the right to terminate accounts, or turn back on self cancellation, for teams that abuse this functionality.

If self cancellation is turned off, here is what your members will see when they try to cancel their own subscriptions.

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