Announcement only message groups


As a coach or admin, it can be useful to create 'announcement only' messaging groups. With this type of group message, recipients will receive and be notified of new messages, but will not be able to reply to the whole group. 

This helps cut down on unnecessary chatter in threads with important information. It's still possible for the recipient of the message to send you a reply if they have questions, but it will be diverted into a private message, rather than going out to the whole group.

How to create an announcement only group

Click the '+ Group' button on the messages page to create a new group. You will see a screen like the following, make sure you select 'Only coaches and admins' when filling out the form.

How to change an existing group to announcement only?

Open the messaging group on and tap the dot icon in the top right, then edit...

You can change the default on the next screen:

What does a recipient see when they receive a message?

Recipients still receive new message notifications as normal; however, when they load up the messaging screen it will look like this. Notice the lack of textarea to send a reply to the whole group.

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