What happens when an installment charge fails?

Coach and admins only

Viewing installment payments is only possible if you have a coach or admin account.

When a parent signs up for installment plans, WrestlingIQ stores the parent's credit card inside of your WIQ Payment Processing account so that the card can be charged in the future. On the day the next installment is due, WrestlingIQ automatically attempts to charge their card. 

When the charge is successful, the money goes into your bank account automatically and a receipt is sent to them. There are cases when a payment may fail - the card could be expired, there could be insufficient funds, or the bank could mistakenly block the transaction. 

When a charge fails, several things happen:

The parent is automatically sent an email informing them that the charge failed. The email also includes a link that takes them to their billing settings page so they can update their card information. That email looks something like this:

Example dunning email

Their name now shows up in the 'Overdue' tab on the session's 'View Registrants' page.

A quick way to see who is overdue

WrestlingIQ will retry their card every evening until the charge goes through, you have cancelled their invoice for the month, or it fails 8 times.

How many times does WrestlingIQ retry?

WrestlingIQ will retry the charge, and send an email to the customer, 8 times. If the 8th charge attempt fails, we will automatically void the invoice and send an email to the team email and the customer's email address.

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