What's the difference between a full season, one time session, drop in, and other?

When creating a new session for your team you'll need to decide on what type of event you want to setup. When deciding on which type to create there are two important factors: access to WrestlingIQ after registration and who is registering.

  • Full season registrations give people access to WIQ after the finish signing up.
  • Camp/Clinic sessions have a streamlined guest checkout. If someone is not part of your team, they can sign up, but won't be given access to your team's WIQ account after.
  • Drop in registrations generate class passes and have the same guest checkout experience as camp/clinic types.
  • Recurring subscriptions are for auto-recurring billing models, like a more traditional gym might have.
  • Other type sessions only require an email and name. These are only used for non wrestling events such as a coaches clinic, event tickets, etc.

Example videos

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