What's the difference between a full season, one time session and other?

When creating a new session for your team you'll see a drop down asking you the type of event you want to setup. When deciding on which type to create there are two important factors: access and who is registering.

Full season

When you setup a full season, anyone who registers will be forced to setup an account so that they have access to your team's WrestlingIQ account to easily login and view the team calendar, video, messages, etc. With full season registration, it's expected that parents are registering on behalf of their kids. Parents will be asked to answer all of your configured questions, add their wrestlers, sign documents, and pay. Any wrestlers who sign up for a full season are automatically added to your roster within WrestlingIQ. 

More details on full season setup here.

One time session

With one time sessions, parents are still registering their kids and the process is largely the same as full season registration (answer questions, sign documents, add athletes, pay). However, with one time sessions you are not allowed to create an account to get access to the team's WrestlingIQ account. In this way, you can still get parents/wrestlers to register & pay for your camp/session without bogging down your roster or giving access to your WrestlingIQ account to people who shouldn't have it.

People who already have an account with your team are still able to register for the one time session, their information will be prefilled to encourage easier sign up. More details on one time session setup here.


Events in the 'Other' category are the catch all for any event, paid or free, your team may want to run. 

Events in this category only collect the registrants email address, first name, and last name. Registrants for these events do not fill out all your questions or sign any documents (if you need that, you should use the full season or one time session event type). This event type is appropriate for events you want the larger community to engage with such as a potluck, charity event, or a fun run.

All of WrestlingIQ's payment features work with 'Other' events including scholarship codes and installment plans. How you use this type of event is limited only by your creativity!

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