What's the difference between liability forms, documents, and documents that require a signature?

Coach and admins only

Editing your team's documents are only possible if you have a coach or admin account.

When you click 'Documents' in the sidebar you'll be presented with three separate sections.


These documents do not need to be signed, but may need to be accessed by your team. In general you can think of this more as file storage than documents that need to be signed. Common things that go in here could be transportation guidelines, volunteer information, or any other informational worksheet you provide to your wrestlers or parents.

Documents Requiring A Signature

These forms are signed by the user logging in. For example, you might have one for team rules. When your wrestler, or parent, activates their account with your team they'll be forced to sign their own name and acknowledge that they've read the document. The signed document is stored in WrestlingIQ forever, you can go to their profile to see the agreements they've signed.

Liability Forms

Liability forms are intended for situations where parents need to sign a form on behalf of the children. This might be your medical waiver, general liability waiver, or marketing release form. If a parent has more than one wrestler, they will be forced to sign the forms multiple times - once for each athlete they are linked to. Wrestlers—if you are inviting them to have an account with WrestlingIQ—will also sign liability forms as themselves.

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