Configure your registration questions

Coach and admins only

Editing your team's registration questions are only possible if you have a coach or admin account.

Go to the Team Settings page

Click here or go to Settings -> Team in the sidebar to access the configuration for registration questions. Click whether you want to edit your parent or wrestler properties to be taken to the builder to configure your team to collect whatever information you need.

How information is typically filled out

With WrestlingIQ you can optimize your registration flow by configuring questions differently for parents and wrestlers.

If you are a club team and/or use WrestlingIQ for online registrations, parents registering for your team or event will go through a flow similar to what is described below. WrestlingIQ assumes that parents are registering their kids for your events:

  1. Fill out basic info (first name, last name, email). This is required by default and does not need to be included in your configuration.
  2. Answer any questions configured for parents
    1. Tip: think through questions that may be common to a household rather than per wrestler and consider adding that to the parent questions. Something like an address may be the same for a parent registering more than 1 kid - putting that question here means they won't have to type it in again for each child they register.
  3. Create their wrestlers. This requires first name, last name, age and weight by default - no configuration needed on your part.
  4. Fill out any additional questions you've configured for wrestlers.
  5. Sign any documents you've created. If you've created a liability form, the parent signs a copy of the liability form for each wrestler.
  6. Pay

If you are a high school or college team, your wrestlers (or parents) are forced to enter any missing information into their account when they login to WrestlingIQ for the first time. It's generally a good idea to configure your registration questions before sending out invites to your athletes.

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