Updating the schedule on your team's website

If you have a custom website designed/hosted on WrestlingIQ

Your website is automatically configured to show the same events as you have in your WrestlingIQ account. I.e. If you add events to the calendar, they will automatically show up on your team's custom website in real-time.

For teams that have multiple tiers or age groups, it's a good idea to use custom colors to make it easy for parents to identify their kid's schedule.

If you host your website yourself (Squarespace, Cardd, Wordpress, GoDaddy, etc)

WrestlingIQ's calendar is automatically published to a webcal format. Some website builders let you import the url directly. If they don't, almost all website builders have some way to embed Google Calendars. 

To set up a google calendar that is automatically updated with your WrestlingIQ calendar—which you can then embed in your website—first grab the subscription url from inside WrestlingIQ's calendar.

Then open your Google Calendar account and add the WrestlingIQ calendar to the google calendar. On your computer, manually add this URL by clicking 'Other Calendar' -> + button -> 'From URL' in the sidebar.

Once you have the calendar imported to Google Calendar you can then embed it into your website. There are a lot of different calendar embedding widgets and the exact one will depend on your web host. If you need assistance with this, please contact support@wrestlingiq.com

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