SafeSport Messaging Mode

SafeSport defines their messaging guidelines as follows:

What does SafeSport Message Mode mean in WrestlingIQ?

When turned on in WrestlingIQ SafeSport Messaging Mode means that:

  • In custom groups where one or more wrestlers are added, there must be >1 coach in the group to send a message.
  • In direct messages with a wrestler, ALL parents/guardians in the system must be copied on the message AND there must be at least one guardian in the system. 

Messages and groups that are only between coaches and parents are unaffected by SafeSport mode.

How to turn on SafeSport Messaging Mode?

WrestlingIQ offers a 'SafeSport' mode of messaging. Please email to turn on SafeSport mode for your account.

How are people notified they can't send a message with SafeSport mode turned on?

When attempting to send a message that violates this mode, your users will see an error stating why they can't send it and who to add to the group to fix the issue.

If someone replies to an email notification that violates this rule they will receive an email notification back that looks like this. The error message seen in the email is similar to what they will see in the app as well.

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