How to upload match video from a mobile phone, browser or computer

Uploading video from your computer or mobile browser

WrestlingIQ lets you record videos on any device. You just need to be able to get them on a computer or login from a mobile browser to upload them to your wrestlers profile. Sometimes it is easier to record them directly in the WIQ iOS app.

Step 1. Record the match with your device

The first step is to record the matches using your phone or tablet. Learn how you can also record directly from our iOS app to track scoring.

Click this icon to start recording directly from the WIQ iOS Application

For uploading matches WrestlingIQ only allows 1 video file per match - so make sure to record the match from start to finish, without stopping the recording. If you made a mistake and stopped the recording and have multiple videos of a match, stitch the clips together to make one longer video before uploading. You may need to use an app like iMovie to stitch them together.

Step 2. Once you are back on WiFi, log into your WIQ account on a browser and upload the match video from the device

With the match recorded to your device, get connected to wifi and login into WIQ on your phone's browser (safari or chrome, video uploads is not available in the iOs or Android Application). In the browser version of the software choose the video manager icon.

Choose the video cloud icon to access the upload sections of WrestlingIQ

Tap the 'Or choose videos...' button in the center of the screen, select the match videos you'd like to upload.

Or choose videos... then Photo Library

As the match videos upload you should tag the match while the video is uploading (see section below), then walk away to let it finish uploading completely.

How to Upload matches to WIQ from a non-mobile device

( camera, gopro, etc; alternate if not uploading directly from your iPhone, tablet or Android ):

Transfer videos to your computer from your recording device, then upload them to the Video Manger by logging into your computer browser.

For those of you with handheld video cameras, first transfer the videos to your computer, edit them if needed (optional), then open a browser and login to your WIQ account, use the video manager page to drag & drop the videos you want to upload.

Step 3. Tagging the match

You will want to tag the match so it posts to your Wrestlers profile. Now that your videos are uploaded, the last step is to tag the video with the wrestler, to tag their opponent, and to tag the event the match took place at. 

WrestlingIQ requires this info to make these videos easier to find later, they will now be visible from the profile page of either the wrestler or the opponent on the videos tab, or via the event itself.

Make sure to tag wrestler to complete the upload.

Tip: Use the 'Prefill event' tool at the top of the page to make this process faster if you are uploading matches from the same event for your team.

Once the video is uploaded, it will say video processing. You are all done, just give 30 minutes for the video to complete processing before you can view it.

Video is processing: WrestlingIQ will process your videos so that they will stream well on any device (this usually takes 15-20 min) and then automatically email wrestlers that their match is ready for them to view. You do not need to leave your device screen on for processing. You can now view your wrestlers matches.

Learn here how your Wrestler can view feedback from coaches and tag their own match feedback and timestamp parts of matches they want to review.

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