How to review match feedback from a coach

Reviewing match Feedback from a Coach

Coaches and Wrestlers can leave feedback under the feedback section on their match videos. Video feedback is only accessible to Wrestler and Coach accounts. Feedback from coaches is one of the most helpful features that WrestlingIQ offers. We highly recommend you utilize this feature to analyze your matches. 

If you are logged into your Parent account you will not have access to match feedback as this is reserved for communication between wrestlers and coaches. For your Wrestler to access their feedback adding their own feedback to their matches or reviewing feedback from coaches, make sure your wrestler has a WrestlingIQ account and an individual login. If they do not, you can do that by following the steps linked here

Have your Wrestler login [on the WIQ iOs app or a web browser] and then navigate to their matches tab under their wrestler profile and click on the match they want to view /leave feedback on. For viewing feedback click the Feedback tab and coach and wrestler feedback will be viewable. 

Adding Wrestler Feedback to a Match:

For creating feedback click the "add feedback' button and type the feedback you'd like to leave.

Some quick tips for using the feedback section:

  • Timestamps - Jump to specific parts of matches. WrestlingIQ will automatically detect timestamps and turn them into a link when viewing the match video. Your wrestler is then able to click that link and jump directly to the timestamp for them to review.

  • Skip directly to scoring events - If you or your coaches record your matches with the WrestlingIQ iOS app, WrestlingIQ will automatically track the timestamp in the match video where the event occurred. Tapping on the scoring event will jump you directly to that spot in the video:

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