Reporting overview

WrestlingIQ has various reports available with your account in the reporting section of the website. Reports are only available to coaches or admins. Here are the basics of what each report does:

Current Roster - Shows you all wrestlers currently on your roster, with basic info such as weight class.

Registration Q&A Report - This report returns all of the information collected during parent and wrestler signup. Because the prompts on these questions can be fairly long, you'll likely need to scroll the screen horizontally to see all results. Usually you'll want to download the .csv files from this report so you can manipulate/view the data however you like. 

Stats - Returns a 'stat line' per wrestler including things such as takedowns, nearfalls, escapes, etc.

Practice Attendance - This is the report to use to tally up who has, or hasn't, been attending practice. This report contains a breakdown of each practice, but also contains a summation of total practices attended. 

Paid Session Accounting Report - This report contains a row per invoice. If you only use paid up front payment options, each row will represent the total paid, who paid it, and who the registration/payment is for. If you use installment plans, you'll see multiple rows for each parent being billed - one row per installment date.

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