Restrict access to specific registration information to admins only

Admins only

Editing your team's registration questions are only possible if you have an admin account.

If you are in a situation where you need to restrict certain information about wrestlers or parents, you can change what types of coach accounts are able to access the information in WrestlingIQ.

How to change visibility of wrestler/parent properties

From the team settings page, tap on edit for either wrestler or parent properties to enter the form builder. Under each question you will see a cog icon, tap that to open the drop down, and select 'Admins only' for any answers that should be visible to admins.

Make sure to tap 'Save' and then a pop-up will appear, if you have any one off sessions with registration questions derived from these standard team properties. We recommend you tap 'Yes, update all'.

After you tap update all, WrestlingIQ will make sure that any camps or drop-ins you have inherit the same visibility properties as the questions they were originally cloned from. 

Caveats about what assistant coaches see

Coach accounts are unique—they are coaches, but they can also be guardians of their own kids registering for your team. Because of this dual nature of coaches, WrestlingIQ needs to make sure that they can still see and edit these restricted questions for their own children, while removing that information from other wrestlers they have permission to view. 

One of the compromises we had to make for that situation is that assistant coaches will still see the questions / information you collect at registration time for all wrestlers. If the visibility for a specific piece of information is set to admins only, the answers will always be blank and they will not be able to edit those answers for wrestlers they are not direct parents/guardians of. Here's an example of what they would see, in this case the 'Address' question is set to admin only:

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