How to use timestamps in video review (feedback and scoring events)

Leaving feedback with timestamps

As a coach, you often want to call out a specific spot in a video that a wrestler should focus on. If you want to create a clickable timestamp, simply type into the feedback box a timestamp in the form of 'minute:seconds' such as :13 (13 seconds) or 2:27 (2 minutes, 27 seconds). 

WrestlingIQ will automatically detect timestamps and turn them into a link when viewing the match video. Your wrestlers are then able to click that link and jump directly to the timestamp you want them to review.

Skip directly to scoring events

If you record your matches with the WrestlingIQ iOS app, WrestlingIQ will automatically track the timestamp in the match video where the event occurred. Tapping on the scoring event will jump you directly to that spot in the video:

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