Uploading video from your computer or mobile browser

Using the video manager from your computer or mobile browser

WrestlingIQ does not dictate how you record or upload matches, although we do offer an iOS app to record and take stats at the same time.

Whether you have handheld cameras, use a tablet, or record with a phone, the steps are similar to get them uploaded to WrestlingIQ. 

1. Record the match with your device

The first step, if you aren't using our iOS app, is to simply record the matches using whatever device you own. WrestlingIQ currently only supports 1 video file per match - it's recommended that you either keep the video rolling for stoppage, or edit the video first before uploading if you need to stitch them together.

2. Upload from the device once back on WiFi (if using phone or tablet)

Once you are back to a stable WiFi connection, navigate to the video manager on the device that you recorded the match. 

Tap the 'Or choose videos...' button in the center of the screen, select the videos. At this point you can tag the match while the video is uploading (see section below), then walk away to let it finish uploading completely.

2. (alternate) Transfer videos to computer, then upload them, if using handheld video camera.

For those of you with handheld video cameras, first transfer the videos to your computer, edit them if needed (optional), then use the video manager page to drag & drop the videos you want to upload. 

Tagging a match

Now that your videos are uploading, or uploaded, the last step is to tag the video with the wrestler, their opponent, and the event the match took place at. 

WrestlingIQ requires this info to make these videos easier to find later - they will now be visible from the profile page of either the wrestler or the opponent on the videos tab, or via the event itself. 

Tip: Use the 'Prefill event' tool at the top of the page to make this process faster if you are uploading matches from the same event for your team.

Walk away

Once you have tagged all your wrestlers, leave the device on to let it finish uploading the videos. Once uploaded, WrestlingIQ will process your videos so that they will stream well on any device (this usually takes 15-20 min) and then automatically email wrestlers that their match is ready for them to view.

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