How do I find my kid's WrestlingIQ ID card?

There are multiple ways to find your kid's WrestlingIQ ID card. Typically we recommend you download the ID card to your phone by taking a screenshot or by saving it in phone's files.

From your email

When you first sign your kid up to the team, you will receive an email like this, with the subject line of "[Wrestler name]'s ID Card for [Team name]":

Use the button, or link at the bottom, to view and save the ID card.


As a parent head to the 'My Wrestlers' section on the WrestlingIQ website. Tap the name of your wrestler, then tap the WIQ ID card button:

If your wrestler has the iOS app installed

If your wrestler has a login for WrestlingIQ (you can invite them, if you wish) and the iOS app installed, they can find their own ID card by viewing their profile through the settings screen.

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