How do I add or update USA Wrestling card information to my existing wrestlers?

Your club team might require you to add USA Wrestling Card information when you first sign up, but what if you need to update your wrestler's USA Wrestling information after that? This article will show you how.

Login to on a web browser. Find your wrestler's profile.

Your phone's web browser will work fine, but you'll need to use instead of the app for this. In the left hand side menu, find the 'My Wrestlers' section, tap it, and then tap the name of the wrestler you are updating.

Tap the 'Edit' button in the USAW section

Fill out your new USAW information

Verify the information was saved

After you add the new USAW information, on your wrestler's record, it should show the updated card information.

Download the WrestlingIQ Identifier and bring your USAW card to any events you are attending

In an email you'll receive an updated WrestlingIQ Athlete Identifier, that will contain your updated USAW information as well.

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