Who can send messages to me and my wrestlers in WrestlingIQ?

As a parent, you might be wondering who can send messages to you or your kids in WrestlingIQ. By default, WrestlingIQ is designed as a controlled messaging experience. 

Other parents and wrestlers are not able to create direct messages with anyone except coaches. This is by design, so that WrestlingIQ is a safe space monitored by the coaches for discussing wrestling. 

When coaches create messaging groups, they get to decide whether only coaches can send messages to the group or if all members of the group can send messages. It is common to have lots of notification-only groups for coaches to send out important info and a handful of groups with more open discussion for organizing transportation, parent-driven fundraisers/activities, etc. 

If you think messaging is inappropriate, please contact your coach. If you feel you need external assistance you can email support@wrestlingiq.com

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